Teen Coaching and Motivational Speaking

Coaching Teens Through Turbulent Times:

My message is one of Self Love, Individuality and Personal Power. (S.L.I.P.P.) Young people with this awareness. Can learn to give the cowardice of physical and cyber bullying, The S.L.I.P.P. !

Adolescence can be a daunting time in the lives of any young person in today’s society. Attempting to navigate the emotions associated with puberty, finding and maintaining ones identity and citizenship in a physical and virtual world, as to where you fit in, can be overwhelming. I’ve been dedicated to young people that have been mentally, physically and sometimes spiritually orphaned by drug addicted, incarcerated or parents that are just too busy with their own issues. My children lost their mother to addictions. As a single parent, I immersed myself in a mission not only to save my children, but any other child within my reach!

Understanding these turbulent times, I spent the last twenty plus years, offering an array of programs touching the hearts of high risk teens in my community that still have a residual affect today. I now travel the country empowering young people through speaking and work shops, broadening their awareness and sharing The S.L.I.P.P. Working with youth/ teens has and always will be my passion.

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