Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking: EVENT PLANNERS

In preparation for your event, I use a technique developed by one of my mentors, Les Brown, beginning with a personal assessment process, to spin my message content to your unique audience. The process includes interviews, audience/event profiles, careful review of the objectives of your event, in collaboration with your key personnel. This will ensure my message is targeted specific to your needs.

Motivational Speaking

Have you ever wondered why some people prosper and others don’t?

Are you trying to figure out how to live your best life?

“ My mission is to elevate the consciousness of our planet, collectively or one individual at a time, to become aware of their intrinsic value and power and through this acceptance, discover joy!” 

National Motivational Speaker and Personal Power Coach, Anthony Chambers addresses these questions and more. His motivational messages, are a unique tapestry of insight, dynamically empowering content, delivered with what has been described as, gifted articulation.

Anthony Chambers is based in Florida. He’s host of the “Discover Your Power show which airs Saturdays at 11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon EST.  The show is streamed live on the World Wide Web at

Invite this dynamic speaker to inspire, motivate and empower your next group or organizational event now:

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