Relationship Coaching

Successful relationships are the foundation to successful living

What you know isn’t as important as who you know. However, one’s self, should be the first on an individuals list to become acquainted with. I seek to share with men and women the plethora of experience and knowledge I have gleamed from my life’s journey. My goal is to empower men and women through self awareness; helping them better understand themselves and that they alone have the power to create the happiness they seek rather than giving their power over to others. In reality, we must feel complete within ourselves before we can feel love from others.

When it comes to love in relationships, naturally we are projecting this wonderful emotion at someone else! However, in order for the relationship to be healthy, we need first, to clean our own emotional space to be sure we have a healthy self love and respect. For if our love for another is based upon how they treat us, when they stop or change their behavior, the relationship may become toxic. Often times, One can become dependent on the behavior of another to validate their love for them. They are of the mind, it will make them feel better about themselves. This is because the love we feel from others, is a direct reflection of what we are feeling inside……Our Completeness!!!

I want to offer you another perspective; Everything and everyone, responds to us in kind to the energy we bring to any environment! Life and Love Doesn’t just happen to us! Life and Love, are responding to us!

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