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Anthony Chambers developed a unique skill set to successfully raise his own 7 children.

He Specializes in Boys to Men Workshops for Single Moms!

Being that, kids don’t come with directions, parenting can be a daunting task. However, as a single parent, I raised my son and daughter, after losing my wife to the crack cocaine epidemic. I developed a unique skill set to successfully raise my own additional 5 children. Over time, I assisted thousands of children in foster care, single mothers, grandparents, children in group homes, and community kids recognize, gain and accept their value and discover their ability to set goals for successful living.

“I have found that parents are often rearing their children using the skills similar to thoughs  exhibited on T.V. game shows.  Like, Lets Make a Deal or The Price is Right.

For Example:

DOOR #1: Son, if you do as you are asked and behave, you get a specific set of rewards.

DOOR #2 : Son if you do not do as asked and exhibit poor behavior, you get a specific set of consequences.

Now this is all good. However, most parents blow it by offering DOOR #3!!!

DOOR #3: Offers the provision of allowing  the child to get away with it or to get by, because the parent is tired ,busy or otherwise preoccupied.  Now,this provision not only creates inconsistency in sending a clear message to the child. It also robs the child the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills he will need to survive in the future .

Mom’s,  I know you love him. But, Don’t Do It!!! Don’t start letting him get away with it and you won’t have to stop it!  Otherwise , he will depend on you or a woman like you, for the rest of his life, to make decisions.”

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