Our Mind/Necktop Computer

I’m dedicating this blog to my Children, all seven of them and to all parents.  I’m happy to announce the birth of my new Grandson, Gianni, born today.

The intent of today’s blog, is to share my perspective, as to the importance of parenting.  To this end, I am creating an analogy that equates our minds to that of a computer.  It has been said, the human mind is the most advanced computer, ever designed. The interesting thing is, just like the desktop and the laptop computer, the Necktop’s (brain) average owner, knows little about its operation or how to program it!  To this end, we have this incredible apparatus that we are only partially benefiting from!

  When my children were born, I had no plan as to how they were to be raised or any idea that I was programming one of the most powerful computers on the planet!!!   I started my journey of fatherhood, using the tools that were used in raising  me and I modified them along the way.
As a result I installed some programs that later needed deleting or rather, upgrading in order for my children to lead happy productive lives.
I am grateful however, because I did install the greatest antivirus program known to man. The Antivirus is LOVE!!! The Antivirus of Love allows for the clean up , defragmentation and upgrade of the system.  If it were not in place, the body that housed this system could reek havock on it’s self, family, community and society as a whole!
We all live and make choices in life, that are driven by our mental filters or  programs.  These programs we are running were installed as early as conception through  environmental influences.  By the time we turned fourteen, these programs are fully integrated into our systems.  Some of us guys are still running our programs of age fourteen and it shows up in our relationships, the cars we drive and other behaviors.
You see, our NeckTop computers are programmed in two ways. One being repetition and the other by emotional experiences. Of the two, I believe the emotional experience is the most powerful in terms of impact.  So, I am prayimg that parents keep this in mind as they raise their children.  Many times I have seen young parents calling their children out of their names as well as telling them, “you so bad, ” like its cute!  Not considering the long term affects of these actions or statements.  There are many things done or said by parents that inadvertently have long term affects on the child.  For example, what emotional charge comes up for you, in the discussion of money? Is it frustration, worry  or fear of not having enough???  Statements like ” Money don’t grow on trees!” Is what I heard quite often and gave me the belief that money is hard to come by! That belief became my reality!   Needless to say,  I am still upgrading that mental program.  How about self love?  This is one of the most important programs to be installed in all if us, because the way we feel about ourselves, is the way we show up in life!!!
Our relationships with our parents determines how we feel about ourselves, the type of mate we select, our relationship with money, our work ethic as well as our belief in our abilities or lack there of.  These are all open programs on our Necktop computers, that are running in the background and filtering our current experiences even when are unaware of it!
 Now the question becomes, are the mental programs of our past, serving us?
It may be time to review our download log in the areas of finance, relationships and self esteem, to determine whether they may need updating.  In areas where we feel a little grey,  we can choose to give those areas of programming  new meaning!  What I’m saying here, is this.  When our programs were installed, we were children and we accepted them as unfiltered truths.  However, as an adult, we can look back and understand, that our parents were using an early or limited version of that program and they did the best they could with what they had or knew.  On that note, let me share this  reminder. We can exercise our power of choice!  We can choose the thoughts and beliefs that will upgrade our operating system!  This awareness, can be the determining factor to allow us to live our lives in joy, with confidence to be, have and do , all that we desire!
Live and Love!!!

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