“Justice or Just Us?” What Is Our Agenda?

“Justice or Just Us?” ~ Richard Pryor

As a people , what is our agenda? There is much we can learn from Ferguson!
We have come full circle in our quest or request for equal rights. Open season has been declared on the black male. Just as if it is hunting season on any other animal in a jungle, the Black Male is being hunted in the concrete urban jungles of America. The hunters are camouflaged in police uniforms.

It appears as if the election of an African American President, has awakened the real beast, the apex preditor or the wolf has suddenly jumped from the lambs skin and is clearly making himself known!

The recent deaths of young black males in this country, should serve as an alarm clock to wake us from our slumber or the trance like state to believe that we have arrived, for in reality, we have only been appeased! We have a generation of young people who are oblivious to their history! In their minds, they live with the illusion of the American dream being in their reach. However they have no clue as to the shoulders they stand upon to reach it! Further more what it willl take to keep it! Our ability to assertain any semblance of equality in this country for Any people of color, is going to require an agenda! Currently, many are so preoccupied with the idea of economic survival and others, the idea that I’ve got mine, has us as a people, in a quagmire. We need UNITY!!!

I believe, the way we feel about ourselves, is the way we show up in life and we teach people, God or even the Universe, how to treat us, based on the way we treat ourselves! To this end, what have and what are we teaching? We are teaching simply what we have been taught! The social engineering from the methodology presented in the Willie Liynch speech! We were kidnapped from our homes and brought to this country as beasts of burden. The perpetrators of this crime on humanity, have no humanity! But what they do have is an agenda!!!

Their agenda is to have complete control!!! Ya see, America is no longer black and white! America is now grey, because less and less, white males are being born, coupled with a mixing of the muriad of colored people in this country, we are becoming more and more as one! However this has stirred a panic in the minds of some, because they have become the minority! This fear, is driving the need for greater control at any cost and it is being paid for, by the deaths and imprisonment of our young black males! Again, I say we need an agenda!

Their agenda was and always has been, to dehumanize us to a point where they would have no remorse or conscience as to the hitrosities they would do to us. They used God, Himself , to define their position as master! You gotta understand, that’s not only difficult to reverse in their minds, but ours as well. There are countless subliminal messages in use even today that perpetuate our dehumanizations. It’s couched in language, media and in many instances, we are doing it to ourselves by affectionately referring to one another as my Dawg or my n____a. If someone of another persuasion says it to us, we get angry. Is it not the same when we kill, Black on Black in our neighborhoods, we’ve become desensitized, until someone else does it and goes unpunished we become angry? Throughout our history in this country, we have been taught to love everyone else, but ourselves.

The shackles have been removed from our hands and feet to some degree. But it is high time, we remove them from our minds. We are more powerful than we know! Our captors are clear on this fact and are fearful of us coming into this awareness. Thus the need to kill MLK, and other leaders. However, it is incumbent upon us to creat an agenda to enlighten ourselves and understand the power of our minds. Develope think tanks to put our magnificent minds to work for a common good! Enlighten our children to know their history, their intrinsic value and power, that they may fore see the hellacious agenda of others. They must be taught to see that there is a back to slavery movement live and well in America today and it is in the guise of the PRISON Industry Authority or Complex!!! What is our agenda???

There is but one race! THE HUMAN RACE!!! This idea of color, is only a concept! A concept we have been conditioned to believe!

It has been developed and marketed like a fine line of products! Kind of like SECRET DEODERANT! Because within it……. It contains the greatest secret!

I’m gonna expose that secret today so listen carefully!
You see, This idea of race, is an illusion!
If you mix every color in the universe together, you Get BLACK! The Original MAN , THAT ALL COLORS COME FROM!

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