If We Knew Better…..

I spend a great deal of time and energy trying to convey the importance of understanding the fact, that our thought is the driver of our life experiences, coupled with our emotional energy and our choice as to how these powers are used by us. Our choices, however, are driven by our feelings and beliefs.  Our feelings and beliefs about ourselves as well as our connection or relationship with the Universe,  Source Energy or the God of your understanding, determines how we live, move and have our being, on this plane of existence.  Because I believe humanity will inevitably live out God’s promise, I tend to think,  if we knew better, we would do better, for we are all, just the right information away from our joy and success.

So the question becomes, can we get our heads and hearts around the idea, that the very power of the Universe gets great pleasure from giving us the kingdom???  Can we accept the fact that the answer is always yes to our requests?  Or do you choose to believe in the popular opinion that you must jump through a number of hoops before you become worthy of our blessings???  If we examine our external circumstances, the answerers become obvious as to what we feel or truly believe on the inside!  The Blessing is, we can choose a different belief!

Here’s what I have come to understand.  Gravity is a law of nature.  It doesn’t care if you are Protestant or Jew, black or white…….It just works!!!  There are Divine Principles or Universal Laws, that also, simply work!!!  What is Universal Law???  As described in my book. “Power Up Your Faith and Take Charge of Your Life”. Universal Law is the orderly method of the Omnipotent God!!!  We all are operating within these principles all the time.  However the majority of us are unknowingly using them to our detriment!  Again, if we knew better, we would do better.

There is nothing that can separate us, not even death, from the love of God!  We are loved unconditionally.   Our source will never leave or forsake us!  But our emotions tell us when WE,  are leaving  or clouding our feeling to this connection!  Any sense of uneasiness, is an indication that we are thinking a thought that is out of alignment with who we are and to our Source!!!  You see, Source Energy wants to flow in and through us as us, reveling in our experiences of good things. Our emotions are guidance to tell us what we are thinking! When we feel good, we are in agreement with our authentic self and God.  After reading this, it will become difficult not to notice.

This Week, try to become more aware of your emotions and what they are telling you. You can have no emotion without a preceding thought! Inbox me and share your discoveries. I would love to hear from you.

Remember: When you think, you feel.  When you feel, you vibrate.  When you vibrate, you Attract!







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