Addiction and Recovery Coaching

Addiction is our inability to say “No” to something!

Addiction creates trust issues for the addict. Not to mention the loss of trust of others.  It is the self trust issue, I want to address in this discussion.

The addict doesn’t trust his current self or his future self because of his history. So, in his skewed consciousness, he trusts the drug!  He believes his drug of choice is his only constant and has created a persona for it, to which he now has built an intimate relationship!  However, this relationship leads to feelings of self betrayal, because innately, this relationship is a contradiction to your authentic self!

We all have thoughts, feelings, behaviors and habits that we would like to change! However, we often find change difficult. But change is only difficult because we fail to use the same strategy it took to create whatever it is we are trying to change. What I mean is this: Whatever our current situation, habit or behavior we want to alter, took a great deal of practice or at least consistency of doing!

That’s how it became a habit or behavior in the first place! More often than not, we want to fix or change it with one pill or shot!  But if you want real change, we must use the same strategy that created what we now call the problem!  Drug & Alcohol Recovery requires a commitment to self and consistency! The individual must be reintroduced to his or her Authentic Self. Through Group Sessions and recovery coaching individuals come to discover their innate value and personal power which enable them to develop a viable vision for their lives.

I assist individuals in discovering their authentic self and learn to effectively exercise their innate personal power to think, feel and choose their way to recovery, giving up the one thing, in order to gain everything. We must all relearn that “Happiness is Truth! All else is learned behavior!”  Together we will create a future so delicious that the past gets jealous!

 Addicts are not afraid of their future. They are more afraid of repeating their past!

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