About Anthony Chambers

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Author, Keynote/Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Coach and Radio Talk Show Host.


About Anthony Chambers

Anthony Chambers

Anthony Chambers was raised in Los Angeles, California, the youngest son of a prominent Baptist Pastor and First Lady. Chambers learned at an early age that his journey in life would be quite different from the precepts being centrally taught. He knew his march would be to a different beat – a beat from within. Over the years, he would study the foundations of a myriad of religions and travel the country experiencing life, moving to his own rhythm ultimately realizing the power that drives us all comes from within.

Although meaningful to his destination, his life would pause on an axis that would introduce the challenges of overcoming the death of a child, loss of a wife to drug
addiction, single parenting, and falling into drug addiction himself, would settle him on
a path that would prove to be most rewarding.

Upon self-recovery, Chambers felt compelled to address the needs of youths who had
been orphaned by the parents suffering addictions like his own. He would spend the
next several years cultivating the foundation for his legacy to the communities he would
serve, the people he would come to love and the work for which he stood.

With dedication, drive and commitment, Anthony founded the High Desert Youth Center
in Southern California which later evolved into the first independent Charter school,
serving at-risk youth within a community of over 400,000 residents, severely needing a
place for reform, direction and attention – the High Desert Academy of Applied Arts and
Sciences was born. Over the years leading up to his retirement from the education
arena, Chambers donned the reputation of mentoring, counseling and coaching youths,
adults, and professionals. Recognized as one of the top ten most influential African
Americans in the community, he would build the stage for his new journey to help
others across the world. His mission is to elevate the consciousness of our planet,
collectively or one individual at a time, to become aware of their intrinsic value and
power and through this acceptance, discover joy!

In his dedication to personal development and community, Chambers has established the
pathways that are essential for the development of the mind and spirit that have been
pinned in his book titled: Power Up Your Faith and Take Charge of Your Life!
Chambers has taken his passion beyond the four walls and is presenting globally, his
message of empowerment, motivating and inspiring parents, families, teens, and
professionals in the corporate arena. He has a message for you… just listen…


  • Dr. Chambers is a former Chair the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) of the Hesperia School District. Ca.
  • Member of the Parental Education and Support Advisory Committee for the Children and Families Commission for San Bernardino County, Ca. 2001,
  • Appointed to San Bernardino County’s Ad Hoc Advisory Committee 2000-2001 Tobacco Settlement,
  • Served on the City of Victorville Parks and Recreation Advisory Board,
  • Member of the County of San Bernardino, Ca. Superintendent of Schools, Educational Advisory Commission,
  • Served on the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board Youth Council,


  • 1996, Received recognition from the Victor Valley NAACP for his leadership role in the development of youths in the High Desert community.
  • 1999, Received the Outstanding Service to Youth Award from the Juvenile Justice Commission of San Bernardino County,
  • Received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the Pentecostal Bible College of Tuskegee, Alabama, West Coast Campus, for his service to the community.
  • Received Numerous Proclamations from the City of Victorville, Ca. and other awards from the legislature.
  • 2003, Noted as one of the Top 10 most influential African Americans in the High Desert Community of San Bernardino, Ca.
  • 2006, Nominated by the Daily Press readers and was selected as a finalist by the Daily Press staff, as one of the People That Made a Difference, in 2006, as well as Person of the Year.
  • 2011, Featured in the Daily Press, during National Black History Month in its Dreamers, Visionaries & Leaders series,

Letter from Westwood High School

Westwood-High-SchoolIt is an honor and pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Mr. Anthony Chambers. I have worked with Mr. Chambers as Principal of Fort Pierce Westwood High School since 2013 where he is serving as a mentor and leader of a course for risk males. Mr. Chambers has proven himself to be a remarkable instructional leader …Open PDF

Letter from Indian River State College

Indian River State CollegeI am very pleased to submit this letter of Recommendation on behalf of Mr. Anthony Chambers. Mr. Chambers is currently affiliated with Indian River State College (IRSC) as a motivational and transformational workshop facilitator for the St.Lucie Country Upward Bound Program. In this capacity,… Open PDF

Letter from Pace Center for Girls

Pace Believing in girlsMany Thanks for speaking to the girls last month. The real life experiences that you shared with the girls and staff were thought provoking, profound and hit home for some of the girls. I truly believe the girls will cherish the information that was shared for long time. You should know ….Open PDF

Letter from Desert Communities United Way

Desert Communities United WayI LOVE bringing Dr. Chambers with me to talk to employee groups to assist us in raising funds. Anthony is one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Anthony can motivate everyone, even the person who has the most negative attitude. By the time Anthony is done, the room will be full of…. Open PDF

Letter from County of San Bernardino

San Bernardino CountyAs First District Supervisor of San Bernardino County. I would like to extend my gratitude to you for your commitment to the betterment of our High Desert communities and congratulate you for being honored during African American History Month’s “Dreamers, Visionaries and Leaders” celebration. I consider it an honor to serve… Open PDF

Letter from City of Victorville, California

City of VictorvilleAnthony Chambers has done more than just give back to the community he loves. His dedication to the young lives going through his program establishes values that make for a strong character. The personal discipline learned in the High Desert Academy of Applied Arts & Science curriculum will help these young people suceed in life…Open PDF

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