Anthony Chambers, A Leading Authority on Teaching People Dependent on Drugs and Alcohol to Live Healthy and Deliciously!

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Welcome, and thank you for dropping by. Join me and “Discover Your Power.” My mission is to elevate the consciousness of our planet, collectively or one individual at a time, to become aware of our intrinsic value and power and through this acceptance, discover joy! The messages provided in my Motivational Teaching, are a unique tapestry of insight, dynamically empowering content, delivered with what has been described as, gifted articulation.
You see, we are all incredible beings of light, who may have forgotten our way. My Personal Power Life Coaching style will support you in rediscovering your authentic voice, your minimally tapped, inner power and uncover your greatness!

Through an array of delightfully creative Drug Recovery Coaching, Group Sessions and Processes, we will uncover your Essence, discover your Purpose and unlock your Destiny. Your EDP!!!

I assist individuals in discovering their authentic self and learn to effectively exercise their innate personal power to think, feel and choose their way to recovery, giving up the one thing, in order to gain everything. We must all relearn that “Happiness is Truth! All else is learned behavior!”  Together we will create a future so delicious that the past gets jealous!

“In exit surveys, clients consistently (around 90%) rated his sessions as the most important and effective of all the sessions they received.”  ~  Jef Mullins (Chief Development Officer, Waters Edge Recovery)

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